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Blitzer is fluent in Hebrew and has also published articles in several Hebrew-language newspapers. Under the name Ze`ev Blitzer, he wrote for Al HaMishmar. Under the name Ze`ev Barak, he published works in Yedioth Ahronoth. [11] Ze`ev (זאב) is the Hebrew word for “wolf,” and Barak (ברק) is the Hebrew word for “lightning” (which means lightning/blis in German/Yiddish). Interrupting Blitzer, who was trying to ask about securing the $5 billion in funding, Miller stated categorically, “Right now, as we speak, there is a wave of illegal immigration to our country that is now a national crisis.” “Because he`s a lawyer, a lawyer, and he really persecuted the president of the United States,” Blitzer said. “He was all over TV yesterday.” @dylanbyers I never said what the congressman claims. Watch the video @buzzfeed buzzfeed.com/dorsey/wolf-bl. He should check his facts. Blitzer`s interview with Pollard was controversial in the context of the lawsuit against him, as it was interpreted by some media voices as a possible violation of the terms of Pollard`s plea agreement, which prohibited any contact with the media. Blitzer`s next book on the case was included in the New York Times` list of “Notable Books of the Year” in 1989.

[18] In its review, the Times praised the book as “clear and very interesting to read” and called Blitzer`s judgment of Israeli officials “harsh but fair.” [19] Observing @wolfblitzer calmly managing this #cnn interview with Steven Miller, we almost forget that he is dealing with a racist maniac who yells at him for a good 10 minutes. Wolf: “Calm down for a minute, we don`t have to shout”? pic.twitter.com/1nnQKeMty0 The Boston legal team spent the first 30 seconds of the show referring to the fact that the show had been moved to Wednesday night, with various characters expressing surprise, which helped mention how many days it would be Wednesday, the news that it wouldn`t air next week. And even a question of whether the series would return next season. NBC News reporter Kasie Hunt applauded Blitzer on Twitter for being “calm, cool and collected,” to which the CNN host responded and tweeted: “Thank you. It`s so beautiful. Blitzer was born in 1948 in Augsburg near Munich, during the Allied occupation after World War II,[2][3] the son of Cesia Blitzer (née Zylberfuden), a housewife, and David Blitzer, a master builder. [3] [4] [5] His parents were Polish Jewish refugees from German-occupied Poland who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp; His grandparents, two uncles and two paternal aunts were murdered there. [6] [7] Blitzer and his family emigrated to the United States under the provisions of the Displaced Persons Act of 1948.

He grew up in Buffalo, New York, and graduated from Kenmore West Senior High School.[7] He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1970.[6][7] There he was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi. In 1972, he received a Master of Arts in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. While at Johns Hopkins, he studied abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he learned Hebrew. [8] Blitzer began the interview Thursday, asking Miller for his reaction to the sudden resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis hours earlier. In a letter, Mattis wrote that Trump had the right to have someone in the position who “aligns better with his views,” the Washington Post reported. The two men recently clashed following Trump`s surprise announcement that he planned to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan, a move that Mattis and other senior advisers have warned the president about. Blitzer has received several awards, including Respect for Law Alliance`s Journalist Pillar of Justice Award in 2004 and the Chicago Press Veterans Association`s Daniel Pearl Award in 2003. His team of journalists was among those who won a George Foster Peabody Award for their reporting on Hurricane Katrina, an Alfred I.

DuPont Award for coverage of the 1999 tsunami in Southeast Asia and an Edward R. Murrow Award for CNN`s coverage of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. MSNBC didn`t talk about Kellyanne when her husband was on the air Wednesday, though host Brian Williams gave a conscious reference to “Yes, that George Conway.” when he presented it. “All right, Stephen, wait a minute,” Blitzer said, trying to contain Miller`s explosion. “Calm down for a minute, we don`t have to shout.” Trump, Blitzer said, had two years to complete the wall when the House and Senate were under Republican control. “Why did he fail?” Blitzer asked. Blitzer aired an excerpt of the episode on his Situation Room show on Thursday When White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller went to a live interview on CNN on Thursday night, Wolf Blitzer immediately noticed his guest`s appearance. “He wants to build the wall by getting the money now, just like the president made very clear last year before this funding battle,” Miller said, raising his voice. “This president has made it clear that he will defend America like no other,” Miller said, speaking faster and louder as he continued.

“It will have unparalleled military power. It will kill terrorists wherever and whenever it takes. But he will also be demanding, intelligent and intelligent. And he won`t have us in foreign conflicts like Syria, generation after generation, instead of protecting that country. “I really believe it, and I`m sure my colleagues believe it too,” Blitzer said. “The president said Mattis was retiring,” the moderator said. “Mattis stops, he`s not retiring. He`s resigning in protest of the president`s policies, so why does the president say in this statement he made on Twitter that Mattis is retiring? “The fight is just beginning,” Miller told Blitzer. “We`re talking about success in border security, this president has achieved unprecedented success in this area.” “We have a political director, Sam Feist, and his team, who have pollsters who go through the numbers, who look at the polls, who give us incredible information,” he said. “It`s a team effort.

And that`s why I have no problem presenting us as the best political team on television, because I think we are. Kellyanne Conway told CNN`s Wolf Blitzer that he embarrassed himself after a tense exchange Thursday in which he asked the White House adviser to respond to her husband`s criticism of President Donald Trump on television. Miller, who told Blitzer he “didn`t mean to be disrespectful,” argued that he was “watching hourly reports, breathlessly trying to drag America deeper into a Syrian conflict, breathlessly supporting quotes from people who dragged us into conflicts like Iraq.” Yes, well, I could write something in any column about how awesome I am, but that wouldn`t make it true. Social media was immediately enthused by the reactions to the heated interview, or what one Twitter user described as “Stephen Miller`s crazy and alarmist chatter.” Blitzer and Miller were both trending on Twitter Thursday night. Blitzer`s remark was hardly an attempt to attack political opponents, nor did it compare to Brian Ross` bellicose speculation that the Aurora Theater assassin might have been a member of the Tea Party. Blitzer played a leading supporting role in the 2009 documentary Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace, in which he shared his experience as a journalist for The Jerusalem Post, which traces the confluence of factors that made the 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt possible.