Wichita Legal Aid

You can apply for legal aid by calling 1-800-723-6953 Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by completing our online application. People seeking legal assistance must first apply. Our field offices cannot answer questions or provide legal advice until they submit an application. Visit our YouTube channel for more legal education. I need legal assistance, how do I get to a meeting with a lawyer? Kansas Legal Services, a statewide nonprofit, is dedicated to helping low-income Kansans meet their basic needs by providing essential legal and mediation services. KLS strives to eliminate the root causes of poverty and mitigate its effects by helping people achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. Counties served: Barber, Butler, Chautauqua, Cowley, Elk, Harper, Harvey, Pratt, Sedgwick, Sumner I am 75 years old. I need a lawyer to help me.

Is there help for older laws? I live on social security. I need a lawyer to file an age discrimination complaint against a former Butler County employer Find Wichita Legal Aid & Pro Bono Services by Practice Need help. I don`t want to serve 88 months, all the dishes were on Zoom, I work 20 hours a week and I don`t have much. I was summoned to court (Barber County) regarding an ex-wife`s estate issue. I am the accused. And I believe their default judgment Prosed, Motion is wrong. I couldn`t find a lawyer. to process my case. I am retired and I live on Social Security and I live in Butler County. I need a lawyer because a company hired by my daughter to clean the burned portion of her house also cleaned up over $20,000 worth of furniture and personal affiliation at the back of the house that was not affected by the fire.

They were told personally and on a piece of paper not to touch the back, but they took everything with them. They admitted they were wrong, but now they claim they don`t have the amount I lost from their insurance company, so I think I`ll need a lawyer to fight it. What can I do? I am 63 years old and I have a disability. I was looking for a form to fill out, but I can`t find one. Need help with housing issues regarding homeowners and real estate What can I do as a non-custodial parent, if I believe my child is being neglected by the custodial parent, I need serious help with drug exposure. I don`t sell that kind of thing. I`m hooked. I`ve been using it every day for 25 years. 340 S. Broadway Wichita, KS – 67202 Phone Number: (316) 265-9681 Fax: (316) 265-5902 Lawsuit against me in a car accident I did not cause Midland Mediation Services (316) 265-7697200 W Douglas Ave #600Wichita , KS 67202Civil, Consumer & Real Property 340 S. Broadway, 2nd Floor Wichita, KS 67202 United States I am trying to get help for a theft and domestic violence offense. I am innocent of these charges and I can prove it, but they gave me a public defender, but they are too busy to even see me in person.

Have you ever used this desk for anything? What did you think? I have to file a complaint with the Shieffs department for the safety of my health.