Whimsical Noun Form

The orange boots Judy bought were an eccentric purchase. (playful, frivolous) Ida thought she was, but she liked the quiet confidence behind her eccentric ways. How bizarre it would be to stand side by side, hovering over sneeze protectors, sharing ladles of soup to pick up a strange range of pudding, three grapes, a pile of rotini noodles, and a pestle on a plate. The actor seamlessly transformed from a sensual Marilyn Monroe to an eccentric Salvador Dali into a hungry migrant mother. Tips: Whim-Wham is formed from the archaic word Whim-Wham, which was a frivolous type of bells and whistles usually bought on impulse. The related name caprice refers to a pulse. Weird is often a compliment used to describe a person who is carefree and makes impulsive decisions. Note that there are three different definitions of fantasy: “imaginative,” “fun,” and “unpredictable.” In most cases, weird is a compliment. Weird is synonymous with moody.

Both words can be used to describe a person who is unpredictable and prone to making sudden and unpredictable decisions. This is the only definition of capricious, while whimsical has evolved to have different and more endearing meanings and applications. The eccentric art on the walls of the doctor`s office distracted me from my appointment. (fun, unusual, strange) In January, the revitalized Schiaparelli released her first couture collection in decades, featuring light and original clothing. The VdL`s call to the Bauhaus may seem a bit bizarre at a time when Europe is facing a double punch of a pandemic and a climate emergency, but it makes perfect sense. He became one of Amazon`s most prominent executives, using Twitter to post original videos like dancing delivery drivers or defending the company`s reputation against news criticizing Amazon`s practices. The bizarre and the surrealist are no strangers to artists. Just around the corner is the 99-room MoMo`s, a more original hotel concept that challenged the talent behind Sydney`s Akin Atelier for its interior design. Weston was a little thinner, and his face was darker than before, as the bizarre neglect had faded from him. I booked my trip to the Caribbean on a whim, even though I hadn`t planned to go on vacation. (Impulse) There was a whimsical smile on his lips, but his eyes were wonderfully tender. Weird can also mean prone to strange or unpredictable behavior.

Both whimsical and capricious are derived from an earlier English word whim-wham which is of unknown origin. Whim-wham had much the same meaning as caprice, but could also refer to a strange object or garment. Fancy and the associated names whims and whims all ultimately derive from whim-wham, an early 16th century name that originally referred to a decorative object or jewel. Later, Whim-Wham referred to a fantastic performance or a strange fantasy with his funny sound. The origin of the word is unclear, but it should be noted that the similar-sounding Flimflam in its first use had a similar meaning, referring to a strange or absurd idea or story. Caprice, of course, emerged as an abbreviated form of whim-wham, and mood and fantasy eventually followed. Today, Whimsical describes more than impulsive decisions, but things that result from unbridled imagination, as in “bizarre characters in children`s books.” Then he set out to empty and renovate the ground floor to establish a business just as utilitarian as the rest of the office. An example of oaths subject to similar bizarre conditions can be felt in the interior customs of ancient Germany. The poet E.

Y. “Yip” Harburg was as provocative as Hammerstein, albeit with a much less serious and fanciful sensibility. Bulbous columns, spiral staircases and whimsical bas-reliefs of mythical creatures envelop the palace. For a moment there was no consciousness in his gaze; Then a bizarre specter of a smile crept around his mouth. Shakespeare`s “A Midsummer Night`s Dream” is a bizarre play. (imaginative, fun) He called our marriage and the life we lived a comedy and we used to say it was a whim, a whim. Synonyms: playful, fun, imaginative, capricious, unpredictable, unpredictable, uncertain, unusual, strange, frivolous But instead of focusing solely on the color and mood of the flowers, Simons looked at their structure. Whether you want to decorate a cake, spice up a salad, decorate a cocktail, or just enjoy a nature snack, edible flowers can add a touch of fantasy and natural beauty to your diet.

Of course, sometimes it`s okay to focus on wellness rather than whims, but that can`t be our only option in a market with so much wiggle room. Acknowledging dignity and whim and part of another person`s story can help if you try to imagine the same qualities in everyone. vapid – Definition of vapidvindicate – Definition of vindicatetheoretical – Definition of theoreticaltable – Definition of tabletranscend – Definition of transcend Blasim is not the kind of postmodern absurdity that deals with forced and trivial whims.