When Will Pot Be Legal in North Carolina

There are so many chronic pain sufferers who suffer from severe anxiety and other mental health tests that would be so much better off if it were legalized, so please do the right thing and help save so many lives in so many ways. Elizabeth Cox The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, located in the westernmost part of North Carolina, legalized medical marijuana as well as possession of up to an ounce of marijuana on tribal lands in August 2021. On November 8, elections will be held in North Carolina for the seats in the General Assembly and Senate. You can register to vote here and see sample ballots. Voters should contact their candidates to find out what they think of medical cannabis legislation and work to elect a more compassionate chamber in November. Make sure your voice is heard in the Tar Heel state! The bill would legalize medical marijuana in North Carolina, allowing patients with certain medical conditions and a prescription to purchase cannabis and cannabis-infused products at state-regulated dispensaries. The bill would create an advisory committee and a new commission under the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services that would administer the program. The commission could issue up to 10 medical marijuana licenses to companies to grow and produce marijuana, and each of those 10 businesses could operate up to four dispensaries. If the federal government legalizes medical marijuana by designating it as a different drug, it could mean sweeping changes in North Carolina`s approach to marijuana. One of the bill`s sponsors, Sen. Wiley Nickel (D-Cary), said he doesn`t expect much news before the session begins, but he`s optimistic the bill will pass, he told NC Health News. Democrats and Republicans in the Senate voted to approve SB 711, North Carolina`s compassionate care law, signaling a change of heart for many lawmakers who, until recently, opposed the measure. Earlier this year, polls found that 82 percent of North Carolina voters supported legalizing medical cannabis, regardless of their political affiliation.

While it`s unclear whether the poll results influenced lawmakers` attitudes toward the bill, Sen. Phil Berger noted that new circumstances and information have led many lawmakers to believe that “now is the time to do something you may have opposed in the past.” Berger explained that this change indicates that members of the Senate “do what the people elected them to do.” The North Carolina Senate voted 35-10 to legalize medical marijuana. The vote, which took place on June 2, 2022, brings the state closer to the other 37 states (plus DC) that have legalized medical marijuana. New on the territory of a legal state. I had a medical card not only in a legal state, but also because of the amazing effects that help me because I have epilepsy myself. They were under control and doing well with less medication and the help of marijuana. Now I live in North Carolina I had 48 I think seizures and quite sick sometimes in my opinion not God`s natural medicine comes from the grandson of a pastor and a pharmacy technician 11. So please help me and many others.

Thank you and God bless ❤️ me, I am disabled because a drunk driver hits my car at a red light. The drunk driver drove a 3-ton truck with a large heavy RV on it and pulled a large boat. He beat me at 60 MPH. My Nissan Sentra has become the decoration of the hood of the truck. It took two tow trucks to dismantle the vehicles. Even our seats came off the floor and the screws were sheared. Amazing how the seat belts held. Severe whiplash, damage to the thoracic spine also to the lumbar spine. It was terrifying. The screaming, the screeching of brakes, the ambulance siren, the police, the pain when my neck was almost torn muscles, resulting in 16 major surgeries. Fusions, failing laminectimaes, titanium rods, damage cages, bone fuse, fusions that have come off anyway, thoracic exit surgery, torn miniscus, bone removal, rib removal, etc, etc.

Now my condition continues to deteriorate, now I have spinal stinasis, no more corrective surgery, now my spine narrows from 15mm to 9mm, herniated discs above and below each fusion and lesions. Every blood vessel, every nerve is pinched by my shrinking spine. It hurts. It is extremely painful. When I lived in Washington State, where it was legal to use a much-needed natural seed plant, it says in Genesis given by God for our benefit! It helps with medical problems and does not harm. It helps with chronic pain, just make a tea. Please try it and thank the Lord for creating this plant! It also helps with appetite, often because of the pain I find difficult to have an appetite. Honestly, but the bill remained inactive in the House of Representatives, where many Republicans had reservations about legalizing cannabis in any form. Opponents of the law have warned that the health benefits remain uncertain and that the health risks may not outweigh the health risks. I`m originally from North Carolina and I was transplanted to Montana where they have an amazing medical cannabis program.

After 8 concussions and constant daily migraines, medical cannabis is the only answer. It`s hilarious to think you can go to the store and buy half a gallon of vodka, but cannabis is considered dangerous. Alcohol is by far a worse drug for our society than cannabis has ever been, but you can buy alcohol on almost every street corner. Taxes in a legal cannabis market could also pay off our failing schools, which are still struggling to find funding. It is ridiculous to say that our state would not benefit from cannabis, but our school systems are reluctant to find enough funds to feed and educate children with adequate resources. Give me a break. This should be a legal deadline if you can buy alcohol. You should be able to buy marijuana. I don`t know anyone who has beaten their wife or someone after smoking a joint, but many do so after getting drunk. Why not ban alcohol? North Carolina`s drug plan categories are different from the federal plan. In North Carolina, Schedule VI deals with illicit substances that have “currently no accepted medical uses in the United States” and lists only marijuana and its active ingredient, THC.