The Science of Self-Healing and Health Regeneration


Heart-brain interaction influences the dynamic interrelations between psychological, cognitive, emotional, endocrine systems and neural communication networks, and the resulting electromagnetic and scalar fields in the human organism. (1)

The current heart-brain interaction provides an incomplete understanding to that which influences the above, however, Gurmat provides the process and more importantly the mechanism on how to influence the above to bring Sahej, (optimum personal and transpersonal health, system wide coherence) within the organism, thus impacting whole personal and transpersonal health, wellbeing and evolution of individual consciousness.

To apply the mechanism, there is a need to redefine the current model of human anatomy, moving beyond the material and incorporating the energetic dimensions in Gurmat understanding of the multidimensional nature of human being, as held in many experiential based traditions, including the indigenous and Indic wisdom traditions

For our purpose  the focus will be limited to “Hridya”, the psycho-spiritual “heart”, Naam (Presence, mantra and frequencies) and Maan (mind).

The physical heart is accompanied by the Hridya, the holographic or psycho-spiritual heart that lies on the right-hand side of the sternum.

Hridya medicine is the methodical and systematic application of  breath-awareness-heart intervention, progressing towards mind-hridya-brain interaction and alignment in order to influence the body’s physiology, brain activity (brain waves), psychology, cognitive function, emotional, endocrine systems, biophysical system, vagus nerve, neural communication networks, and the electromagnetic fields.

Hridya is synonymous with terms such as “Atma” (Embodied consciousness), “Dasam Dwar” (Tenth gate), “cave of the heart”, “cave of intuition”, “tenth gate”, “chauda paad” (Fourth state of consciousness), “Turiya avasta” (Fourth state of consciousness), “spiritual heart”, “scared heart”, “energetic heart”, “holographic heart”, “psycho-spiritual heart”, “heart-centre” “seat of consciousness” representing our ultimate or essential nature, an unopened multidimensional portal.

Hridya based principles, teachings and practices are foundational for many authentic wisdom tradition across the world, including Gurmat,  Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Kashmiri Shaivism,  Atma Vichara, Sufism, Christianity Mysticism, Buddhism, Doaism, and Taoism beyond dogma.

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Gurmat Therapy is in the process of recruiting 10 individuals with existing health conditions to participate in the Hridya Medicine trial.

Hridya Medicine trial consists of a series of five structured modules that bridge science and spirituality by integrating cutting edge science, consciousness, psychophysiology, clinical philosophy, the profound ancient wisdom and evidence-based practices that are innately designed to achieve five stages of cultivating optimum personal (mental, emotional, physiological), human health and development.