Gurmat Therapy

Gurmat therapy is a professional experiential postgraduate program for practitioners and health professionals that is designed to provide individuals with practical skills combining experiential practices and sound scientific and philosophical underpinning by two world class experts in Sikh Philosophy (Professor Arvindpal Mandair) and a pioneer in meditation, mind, heart (Hridya) and contemplative health interventions, (Dav Panesar).

Gurmat psychology is consciousness based psychology in contrast to outdated ego-fixated approaches

Gurmat therapy is holistic health wisdom (health = personal & transpersonal ) contained within the authentic wisdom tradition of Gurmat

Gurmat therapy is a latest offering of the highly evolved human development and evidence rich systems from India and the Far East particularly Buddhism, Ayurveda, Yoga, Daoism and Zen.

Gurmat therapy is an Integral psychology that offers a map to heal the whole person. It is a comprehensive approach to understanding human experience, development and growth. Its end-point is the cultivation of a fully functioning person, who is the embodiment of personal and transpersonal health. (Gurmukh)

Gurmat therapy offers a systematic inquiry into who we are and how we live as human beings, taking into account and makes use of the vast range of experiential based  knowledge so that one can clearly understand and effectively approach self-development and growth.

Gurmat therapy is a mind-body science, and mind-heart  (hriyda) medicine which differs from the outdated and inadequate school of ego-based psychology in several ways:

Gurmat therapy is primarily based on mind-body & heart (Hriyda) medicine.

Gurmat therapy recognizes the role of identity, including mind and egoic complex in determining health and physiological functions

Gurmat therapy recognises hridya-medicine (heart based health intervention) in regaining, repairing, recovering and cultivating whole health

Gurmat views Existence as sacred non-dual , self-aware Reality (tat). It further provides a deep insight into the highly evolved and sophisticated understanding of the human function, the role of the mind and “Haumai”, (ego-complex), its cultivation and actualisation to the point of ego-transcendence, self-realisation and self-sovereignty.

Gurmat view of whole human health consisting of four levels, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual (transpersonal) health.

Gurmat therapy recognises fundamental distinction between mind and consciousness, as well as distinction between “brain” and “mind”.

Consciousness as the ground condition of all awareness is a composite of being and knowing.

While Western psychology (ego-based psychology) is primarily focused on “ego-fixing”  Gurmat therapy recognises the ego-complex (self-identity system – an active dynamic psychological sense of self), as the source of our suffering as well as its universal projection upon its surroundings, molding its relationships, destroying its environment and conditioned into a superficial self-gratifying sense of self within a dualistic worldview which is easily maintained, manipulated, managed and ultimately controlled.

Gurmat therapy is grounded in both Symran (right-mindfulness) and its transpersonal dimension Naam Symran, Presence. Gurmat therapy is a safe and practical approach to self-development & ego-transcendence.

Gurmat therapy offers a clear and concise understanding of the nature of the mind, consciousness, awareness, ego-complex (conditioned sense of self) and the non-dual nature of existence.

Gurmat therapy practices help cultivate an authentic sense of self, through self-awareness, emotional intelligence and self-trust.

Gurmat addresses the development of healthy psychological states which begin with the cultivation of contentment through present moment awareness, giving rise to compassion. Contentment and compassion can be considered as the parents personal ethical & responsible lifestyle.

This process of self-transformation and development ultimately leads to a continued sense of joyfulness, gratitude and a unified sense of self and its selfless expression in everyday life.

Gurmat offers a safe and practical approach towards the next stage of human development, that of ego-transcendence and the transpersonal transformational process.

Gurmat recognise the monism of mind and body, in contrast to the dualism in Western psychology and world view.

Gurmat therapy is a highly practical and experiential course, leading to profound transformation impact on health, wellbeing, life style, sense of self, states of consciousness and transpersonal growth.

Gurmat therapy is metaphysical science – Gurmat Therapy is an authentic pre-sectarian school of mysticism. The essence of mysticism is an intuitive feeling of insight, its source and basis, an immediate awareness of spiritual principles. Aligning all life and the universe, resulting in direct experience of union with the divine being.

Gurmat Therapy enables the reawakening of whole self and personality of the individual into the Supreme