Gurmat Therapy MSc thesis 2020 -2024

Gurmat Therapy's Master of Science (MSc) in Gurmat Metaphysical Science and Psycho-Spiritual Psychology is a two-year program that has yielded 21 Masters Dissertations through qualitative research. These studies demonstrate the profound impact of Gurmat Therapy in transforming personal and transpersonal health and well-being, fostering human potential, and facilitating absorption within Existence (Timeless Consciousness, Here and Now Presence) and selfless creative flow. 

Self-Actualisation | Self-Realisation | Self-Soverignity
Health | Consciousness | Mysticism

Bridging Science and Spiriuality

  1. Gurmat Therapy: A journey from Religiosity to authentic spiritual emergence through the method of self inquiry (Khoj)
  2. Gurmat Therapy: the science behind the psycho-spiritual process for optimising human potential
  3. Transformation of worldview and Haumai and its impact on health and wellbeing
  4. Manmukh to Gurmukh Gurmat Therapy led transformation process and its implication on health, wellbeing and spiritual emergence
  5. Gurmat Therapy a pathway to freedom, health and spiritual emergence
  6. The evolution and expansion of consciousness with Gurmat therapy
  7. The Role of Hukam in Ego Deconstruction and Cultivating Optimum Health
  8. Unveiling the Transformative Power of Gurmat Therapy: A Journey of Healing and Inner Transformation
  9. Towards an understanding of mystical experiences of self-actualisation and spiritual growth - a Gurmat Theory Perspective
  10. Subjective experience of spiritual emergency that paved the path towards spiritual emergence through Gurmat therapy
  11. The Impact of Gurmat Therapy on human development
  12. The impact of Gurmat Therapy on transformation of identity, health and relationships through the deconstruction of boundaries
  13. The process of deconstructing Haumai (conditioned identity) through Gurmat Therapy
  14. Gurmat Therapy - A journey of self-discovery with Sangat - a subjective submission
  15. Transcendence Through Gurmat Therapy. Beyond Religious & Cultural Conditionings Creating Better Health & Wellbeing
  16. Beyond beliefs – Gurmat Therapy's –Paradigm Shift Towards Holistic Health & Wellbeing
  17. Gurmat Therapy – The Evolution and Expansion of Consciousness
  18. Gurmat Therapy and Transpersonal Healing: A study of meditation Experiences
  19. Unveiling the Transformative Power of Gurmat Therapy: A Journey of Healing and Inner transformation
  20. Gurmat Therapy: the role of Hukam in ego deconstruction and Cultivating Optimum Health
  21. Breaking Barriers To a Path Of Health, Healing and Wellness with Experiential Mool Mantra