Gurmat Therapy Accreditation

Gurmat Therapy offers accreditation for courses that are aligned with Gurmat psycho-spirituality, consciousness studies, transpersonal psychology, authentic meditation, samma sati (right-mindfulness), Hridya, heart based meditations, psycho-spiritual therapies, mindful based therapies and related areas.

Gurmat Therapy accredited Courses are sought after by students as they are renowned for their high standards. You can also be confident that your students will be guaranteed to qualify for insurance once courses have been successfully completed and all pre-requisites have been verified.

All Gurmat Therapy accreditation is overseen and verified by our team of Gurmat psycho-spiritual therapists, specialists in psychophysiology, holistic health sciences and transpersonal psychology.  You can rest assured that you are teaming up with our highly experienced and reputable specialists.