Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety

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Course Name: Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety

Purpose: This course is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge to understand the root causes of anxiety and how to overcome anxiety

Course outline:

  1. Understanding anxiety
  2.  Understanding the biomedical diagnosis of anxiety
  3.  Facts and causes of anxiety
  4.  Recognising the role of our sense of self (ego) in anxiety
  5.  A mind-body diagnosis of anxiety
  6.  When anxiety becomes a problem
  7.  Overcoming anxiety
  8. Overview of 4 week course for anxiety
  9. 4 Week Course: Week 1 Practice
  10. 4 Week Course: Week 2 Practice
  11. 4 Week Course: Week 3 Practice
  12. SOBER – Antidote to panic attacks


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