What is Gurmat Therapy Accreditation?

Gurmat therapy is a professional course for practitioners and health professional that is designed to provide individuals with practical skills combining experiential practices and sound scientific and philosophical underpinning by two world class experts in Sikh Philosophy (Professor Arvindpal Mandair) and Transpersonal psychologist, a pioneering expert in meditation (mindfulness since 1995), mind-heart-body science and contemplative health interventions, (Dav Panesar).

Gurmat Therapy Accreditation

The Gurmat Therapy course provides a sound foundation to the understanding and application of contemplative approaches in cultivating human health and wellbeing.

The Gurmat Therapy course consists of tuition, independent study and residential retreats to learn and apply Gurmat therapeutic applications. This will ensure you have the skills and experience to practise competently and safely as a Gurmat psycho-spiritual therapist.

The Gurmat Therapy course is grounded in ancient wisdom (Gurmat), science, psychology, transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies. The Gurmat Therapy courses are based on the ground-breaking Gurmat Model of Personal and Transpersonal Health, bringing together the latest scientific research in human psychology, mind-body science, emotional and spiritual intelligence and conscious living, within the context of Gurmat wisdom tradition.

Accreditation is provided by world-experts, Professor Arvind Pal Mandair & Davinder Singh Panesar (Dav Panesar) the founders, developers and providers of Gurmat Psycho-spiritual education, Gurmat philosophy and Gurmat based experiential practices for personal and transpersonal health.


The Application Process

Those who have successfully completed the Gurmat Therapy Course or part of the course are entitled to the Gurmat Therapy Accreditation.


What does it mean to have accreditation?

Accreditation qualifies individuals to practice as Gurmat psycho-spiritual therapists, demonstrating expertise in personal and transpersonal health.

Accreditation demonstrate the expertise, knowledge and understanding of mind-body science, meditation techniques, meditation based contra-indications and a firm grounding in Gurmat psycho-spiritual model and experience.

Accreditation enables the use of :-

Gold standard Gurmat based Meditation based intervention, GMBi  8-week course syllabus, course content and on-going support;

Gurmat psycho-spiritual retreats syllabi, course content and on-going training and support

Access to the workshops, conferences and events organised by Gurmat Therapy

All Gurmat Therapy courses carry the accredited mark of the Institute of Mindfulness & Transpersonal Psychology.