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Psycho-spiritual approach to optimising mental, emotional, physical & transpersonal health and wellness

Health begins within the mind, those ignorant of the mind are ignorant about health

Bridging science & spirituality
Science of Consciousness

Gurmat Psychology for self-actualisation, self-realisation and self-sovereignty.

Gurmat therapy is based on Gurmat Psychology and Gurmat Metaphysical Science. It is a holistic model to cultivate mental, emotional, physical and transpersonal health and wellbeing.

Gurmat therapy is whole health component based on pre-sectarian authentic wisdom tradition of Gurmat.

Gurmat therapeutic practices, including meditation offer immediate and effective antidotes to stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, OCD and other related issues.

Gurmat is a highly-sophisticated approach to human psychology, emotion, cognition, behaviour and motivation along with therapeutic practices that are designed to address the root cause of mental, emotional, physical and transpersonal (spiritual) suffering.

Gurmat therapy is the latest offering from the rich and diverse domain of Eastern psychology that is based on ideas and practices that developed over centuries within the Indian subcontinent, with an unbroken lineage of students and masters of self-discovery, consciousness and expression of ultimate human potential

The Gurmat therapeutic approach is founded on the cultivation of mental health (peace, tranquility and contentment) and emotional health (self-compassion & compassion).

Gurmat’s therapeutic goals include, actualising a healthy sense of self, recognising the role of the ego-complex (hau) in creating psychological and psycho-physiological suffering, cultivating an ethical, interconnected, wholesome lifestyle that enables self-actualisation, self-realisation and self-sovereignty.

Gurmat therapy is the study of embodied consciousness, of Jiva, including the holistic study and understanding of human nature, exploration and the actualisation of its latent potential for the health of the individual and society at large.

In the Gurmat model of health, wholeness, integration, connectivity, freedom, creativity and enjoyment are central to human experience.

Gurmats’ underlying philosophy, conceptual frameworks, methods of enquiry, and practices to access consciousness and bring about psychological change and transformation provide a safe and secure model for healing, health, wellbeing and human flourishing.

Gurmat therapy has demonstrated itself to be highly effective in cultivating human potential, health and wellbeing



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